Partner With Us

Our vision is an eco-system of world-class partners who have the talent and proven expertise to provide a comprehensive learning and engagement zone
for the reason we exist – The users. At the same time, if you are an individual or a start-up and strongly contribute to this eco-system, the entry barriers are
surprisingly low. Anyone connected to learning, communication or engagement space; any subject and any domain are welcome to partner with us,
You may be:

  • Organization (Well established or Start-up)
  • Individual

Various Business Mode

  • Work jointly with us – Joint IP ownership. Joint cost. Equal share from pay per use model.
  • High Risk, High Rewards – Take 80% of revenue from pay per use model. Invest time, effort and
    majority of the cost. Own the IP with usage rights to PalmLeaf.
  • Support PalmLeaf – PalmLeaf owns IP. Helps the creation process. Get a share of the returns on pay per usage.
  • Outright Sale – Put up your content and see usage pattern. Or show proven expertise, usage, feedback
    and content shelf life to PalmLeaf. Invest efforts based on pre-negotiated commercials.
    Send in your proposal and wait for partner team’s response.

All the above would need development of free initial mobile learning material for users on a sample basis.

What you Get?

  • Instant access to global market
  • Higher acceptance as your partner with the credibility of global leaders like Mahindra Comviva and a $ 17Bn conglomerate in Mahindra Group
  • Chance to enhance your current earnings from this additional
    revenue opportunity
  • Enhance your experience and credibility by being our partners

What gates you need to clear?

  • Provide basic details with supporting documents
  • Conform to our Mobigogy Norms
  • Get Content Moderator clearance
  • Hit Minimum threshold of completed users for the course
    Back the same with credible feedback score

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