Enhance productivity with Simple, Configurable & Scalable chat BOT based processes.


Engage and communicate with your employees, wherever they are.


Collaborate better with
co-workers, customers & other stakeholders, with complete data security.


Approvals on Phone

Leave, travel, purchase, transport, whatever

Spread the Word

Make key announcements and push updates organization

Stay Updated

Assign tasks to different individuals, track completion

Personal Secretary

Send meeting requests, confirm appointments and drive internal

Live Feature

Share your events and moments through livesteams feature.

Secured Interface

Have seured chats with individuals or in groups with complete privacy

Audio & Video

Start audio and video conferencing with the press of a button.

Get Data

Conduct internal surveys and polls or start mobile discussion forums.

Manage Events

Organise and manage events hassle-free. Initiate chats

Data Driven

Reporting and analytics made possible with data driven features.



Real-time information push and status update on the same

Keep your workforce up to speed with latest information like new product details, offers, organization communication etc. for better business performance.

Store operations and quality audit+

Audit stores and quality directly from mobile. Create checklists of tasks / steps, store performance indictors.

Performance tracking – Periodic Sales Reports+

Schedule periodic sales reports where employees get notifications for sending periodic status which can be filled in real-time. And managers will get consolidated report for their team.

Just in time recognition +

Appreciate your employees right when they deserve to keep them motivated.

Internal communication and engagement with employees+

Continuously engage non-office employees with company updates, live streaming of company events, and listen to them through polls & surveys

Attendance system+

Get rid of costly pen & paper / biometric / ID based attendance management with GPS based tracking

Project management for new store opening+

Open new stores quickly with a one-time process flow, easy task assignment, smartphone enabled updates, real-time reports and visibility on project timelines

Franchise engagement – payment tracking+

Product display tracker+

Drive sales by effectively placing the high demand products in high visibility areas achieved through mobile enabled workflows. Store managers get a notification at the start of the day with the list of brands to be focused on.

Deals suggestions for ground sales+

Enable ground staff to suggest better deals to the customer in real time by gauging customer interest

Training in stores with low hardwre availability+

Train your workforce on smartphones. No need of hardware investment.

Customer onboarding+

Reduce customer onboarding time through simple registration processes like eKYC using smartphones

Product simulator+

Advice best products to the customer by filling in customer information and getting system generated options

Cross selling of other products+

Advice new offerings to the customer by filling in their current portfolio and needs and getting system generated options

Real-time information push and status update on the same+

Keep your workforce up to speed with latest information like new product details, offers, organization communication etc. for better business performance.

Just in time traning for feet on street+

Plan Assistor +

Plan Assistor suggests the best mobile recharge plan/Data Plan/ Dish TV Plan/ Broadband plan for customers based on their query and usage patterns.

Customer onboarding+

customer onboarding helps retailers to onboard customers quickly by performing most of the activities on mobile in one go and reducing manual process of transfering documents from one hand to other

Cross selling of other products+

Just in time information on various changes and tracking of consumption+


Support force Assistance+

Just in time traning for on the field workforce+

Candidate on boarding & engagement+

Joining process+

Exit NDC Process+

Candidate evaluation process+

Referral Program

Recognition Nomination & Rewards+

Incident tracking (Safety, troubles, accidents)+


For Operations

Vendor payments tracking+

Incident tracking (Safety, troubles, accidents)+

For Employees

Leave Application & Approval+

Transport Booking & Approval+

Helpdesk Request & Tracking+

Purchase Requisitions+

Cafeteria Booking+



For Managers

Periodic activity report+

Checklist & Audit tracking+

Sales funnel tracking+

Recognition Nomination & Rewards+