Base Solution

It is a relevant model for companies with high custom content
requirements. In case the needs are specific or limited, they can be
met by our existing custom content.

This solution covers the overall technology platform with back-end
integration to your systems.

Provides web-interface for administration, led by the front end mobile
application for users.

Base Solution with Standard Content Library

It is a standard material made available to user license holders as part of
specific packages.

This solution can be used in cases where there is a regular requirement
for variety of learning programs.

It is highly cost effective for organisations with regular requirement on a
variety of learning programs.

Users can customize a wide range of content to suit the below given models:

Custom Content

Content encompasses program content, books, videos, assessments,
reinforcements, audio and video, competency focused mobile games

Our Mobigogy principles focus on creating learning that integrates:

  • Customer(user)
  • Content
  • Communication interface(mobile device)
  • Context, physical and psychological aspects of the environment
    where the learning interaction is taking place
  • Utility, to meet needs specific to you business

Pay Per Use Model

PalmLeaf allows companies to offer pay-per use service. This payment
model is significant when the content gets expensive and has limited
user within each sub-group expecting variety.

  • This model is relevant to limited users and users that require variety
    with respect to content
  • Users with a requirement for custom or standard training’s

The Pay Per Use Model system is in the design stage and can be used in
the following instances :-

  • All costs are borne by the company
  • Part or full cost is borne by the corporate client
  • Part or full cost is borne by the staff of our clients directly with direct
    payment options
  • Company wants to offer free coupons to all or few employees up to
    a limit
  • Company purchases limited licenses for any specific content and
    offers it to staff based on specific priorities.The company may also
    choose to offer the same to everyone but with limited number of
    license consumed on first come first served basis

Content for the above is provided by our in-house experts and reputed
partner organisations.Individual experts may also offer try-and-buy
models for courses developed by them.

World- Class Content Creation Expertise and learning eco-system for users:

At PalmLeaf, best of domain experts, academicians, consultants, communication specialists, learning scientists, psychologists, mobile technology experts, visualisers, instruction and graphic designers collaborate to create expert content for the Mobigogy model. Content creation follows the strictest of quality norms with unique measures like per Leaf (mobilescreen) evaluation instead of the usual module or course evaluation. It means, if a Leaf does not match the expectations of the target, it is sent back for rework.