PalmLeaf offers a host of features that can be customised to suit modern day employees.

Multiple Methodologies to Match Personal Learning Style

Offline Focused Lower data usage

Personalized Features

Real time backend analytics for Learning admin

Dynamic reports to track usage and learning pattern

Performance Scores Previous participants. Existing participants. Personal Trends

Completion Progress

Managers’ interface to track subordinates learning progress

Graphical and tabulated reports

Peers updates

Learn together in a team – Create Learning Group

Share notes, views and participate in discussions

Manager engagement of outliers users – click and engage model

Integrated with HR system

Great control over user profile

Configurable and customized push and pull notifications

Quick SaaS deployment

Have encrypted content. Content security

Patented Flash Leaf Engagement Feature

Bite-size and highly interactive content

Compare, share and recommend

Manage users and Data Security